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Construction Experts

We cover the entire process in the field of special pedestrian suspension bridges in Korea, including designing, landscaping, construction and maintenance.
Based on various achievements and technology, we are taking the lead in distributing safer and more innovative pedestrian suspension bridges by participating in the writing of "Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Design Guidelines".

Geochnag Y-Shaped Suspension Bridge

By connecting separated hiking trails in natural forest, the Geochnag Y-Shaped Suspension Bridge provides safe and convenient passage to hikers and established a network of ecosystem.
It is the first pedestrian suspension bridge in Korea and the world which connects three peaks at once.
The bridge also achieved the best structural award from domestic and international academic societies and became a proud landmark of the Geochang-Gun

Daewangam Suspension Bridge

Daewangam Suspension Bridge is installed in the Daewangam Prark; one of the Ulsan City’s 12 scenic spots.
The bridge provides a direct view of costal scenery and exotic shaped rocks.
It is the city’s representative landmark, which attracted more than 1.7 million people within a year of its opening.

Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge

It is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Korea with a total length of 404m, twice longer than the existing Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge.
Technology-intensive bridge which maximises wind resistance by arranging V-shaped pylons and three-dimensional cable orientation optimised for mountainous area.
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